7 February 2016
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(New Video!) The Top 5 Tips For Buying Solar Panels In Adelaide

Here at Greenlife Solar we know that shopping for a good quality solar system in Adelaide can be quite challenging, and in some cases downright confusing!
On a daily basis we are asked for advice, recommendations and suggestions about what to look for in a solar system, and what areas should be covered when shopping around.

We have decided to start a video series that will help steer you in the right direction, and make the whole process of buying solar panels much easier and a lot less time-consuming.

At Greenlife Solar everything we do and all equipment that we install is designed to give every one of our customers the longest possible benefit with the smallest possible chance of problems down the track.

We operate as a small dedicated team, so that instead of worrying about call centres and sales reps, you’re only ever dealing with the same people through the whole process.

From our initial face-to-face home inspection up to the day of installation and beyond, we make everything as accurate, personal and customised as we possibly can, and the results can be found in our ever-growing list of positive customer reviews.

Check out the video below and you are welcome to leave any comments or feedback in the section below the video.


For more information you can contact Greenlife Solar directly on 1300 365 378, or info@greenlifesolar.com.au

We hope you find the video useful and informative. You are welcome to share the video link on social media or via email as you please.
Thanks and see you next time!

– Matthew, Greenlife Solar Energy.

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