A new benchmark in solar inverters.

10 year warranty & built-in WiFi monitoring.

At Greenlife Solar, we are proud to install the new Fronius ‘Primo’ solar inverters – made in Austria.Fronius Logo hires

Fronius have made solar inverters for almost 25 years – and their new ‘Primo’ range sets new benchmarks for solar inverter warranties and ease of use.

Fronius Solar Inverters at a glance:

    • Made in Austria.
    • 10 year warranty as standard.
    • WiFi monitoring via smartphone, tablet or computer.
    • Easy to read front display screen.
    • Fronius also have an Australian headquarters.

All Fronius ‘Primo’ inverters now come with a 10 year warranty, as well as WiFi system monitoring – meaning that you can monitor the performance of your solar system wirelessly, via your smartphone, tablet or laptop – you can even program the inverter to send you an email if it stops working! The inverters also feature a large clear display screen on the front of the inverter, so that you can get a snapshot of your solar production at any time.

The new Fronius ‘Primo’ inverters are even designed in a way that allows them to be repaired on-site, whereas most other brands of solar inverter need to be uninstalled and sent away for repair. With a Fronius inverter, if something ever goes wrong, you’ll be back up and running in no time!


The solar inverter is arguably the most important component of your solar system – if the inverter stops working, everything stops working. It is paramount to install a good quality inverter from a company that has made them for a very long time – and Fronius fit this criteria exactly.

Fronius encompass the epitome of high quality European engineering, along with a user-friendly interface that allows to you track your solar production, and maximise your solar savings.

View the brochures for Fronius solar inverters:


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