19 July 2012
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How much will a solar system save me?

These days, many people know that solar systems are measured in ‘kilowatts’ (which is 1000 watts) – but how much does that save you on your power bills?

Well, there are a few variables at play, but it’s generally quite simple.

Electricity is measured in ‘kilowatt-hours’, or ‘kWh’.
In Adelaide, over the next 12 months the average cost of electricity per kilowatt-hour (kWh) will be around 35c.
When you feed excess solar electricity back to the grid during the day, you will be paid 25c per kWh.

Based on the figures above and working with some averages, a solar system in Adelaide, facing north, will save you approximately $450 for each ‘kilowatt’ of solar panels installed.

So – if you install a 4 kW system on a northern roof (approximately 16 panels), you can multiply $450 x 4, meaning you could save around $1800 per year.

Another method is to take your annual power bill amount, and divide this by $450 – and this should give you a rough idea of what system size you will need to cover your whole bill.
For example, if you’re spending around $2500 per year, divided by $450 this equals 5.5 – meaning you’ll need around a 5.5kW system – perhaps a little larger if your roof doesn’t face north.

Contact Greenlife and we’ll be happy to talk you through this in more detail, or arrange to come to your home or office to take you through it in person.

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