LG Solar Panels. The best of the best.LG Solar Panel Authorised Installer

320w panels deliver maximum power from even the smallest roof space.

LG Neon Solar Panel

At Greenlife Solar we constantly strive to install only the newest and most advanced solar technology in the world, so it’s no surprise that we are an official installer of LG ‘Neon’ solar panels.

Household name “LG” have become a powerhouse in the solar energy industry in recent years, and their new range of ‘Neon’ solar panels that are rated up to 320 watts each truly represent the pinnacle of solar innovation.

Not only is the performance of these solar panels incredible – so are the looks, with a sleek black cell and black frame panel that blends in nicely with darker roofs.

The new ‘Neon’ panels from LG are so good, veterans in the Australian solar industry have already labelled LG’s new 320w solar panels as the best solar panel they’ve ever seen.


LG Neon 315w Solar Panel

LG Solar Panels at a glance:

  • An industry leading solar panel from a globally known brand
  • Fewer solar panels required in LG systems, due to much higher wattage panels.
  • ‘BiFacial’ solar cells that can produce power from the front & back.
  • Extremely low “embodied energy”.
  • 25 year performance warranty, 12 year structural warranty.
  • 320w ‘Positively sorted’ panels (320w LG panels can actually produce almost 330w!)
  • Sleek black frame & black cell design.


Whilst most brands of solar panel are still around 250w or 260w each, LG’s panels can produce up to 320w – which means that not only are far less materials, energy and transport required to make the solar panels, they also take up far less space on your roof.

This means that you can install a larger system using the same number of panels, or use less roof area overall to achieve your desired system size. This is particularly useful if you want to free up roof space to add more panels in the future.

LG’s solar panels come with a full 25 year performance guarantee.


View the brochures for LG solar panels and home battery systems: