29 June 2015
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New $5000 Solar Rebates Coming In The Adelaide CBD.

Samsung currently have the smallest, cheapest option on the market, which holds 3.6 kWh.

Battery storage systems such as Samsung’s 3.6kWh model could start to become common in the Adelaide CBD.

The Adelaide City Council has announced new incentives of up to $5000 to install solar panels and solar battery storage systems for homes and businesses in the Adelaide CBD.

In an effort to make the Adelaide CBD more sustainable both environmentally and financially, extra incentives are being introduced to not only help homes and businesses generate clean solar power, but also to install battery systems to help them store and use their excess solar power during night time. This will not only help home and business owners save money on their daily energy costs, but also help to grow renewable energy infrastructure, as well as taking demand off of the power grid, especially on hot Summer days.

Solar battery systems are starting to hit the market, with many new and exciting options set to be available for purchase in the next 12 months. The Tesla ‘Powerwall’ has garnered the most attention since Elon Musk’s announcement in California a few months ago, but how soon we see the PowerWall in Australia remains to be announced. Brands such as Samsung, Sony, Bosch, LG and General Electric are all working on battery storage systems of their own.

The new incentives will make solar battery systems viable far quicker than many solar experts had expected, with a rebate of up to $5000 suddenly making a storage system within the reach of many people.

Adelaide Lord Mayor Martin Haese was quoted as saying:

“We are now seeing emerge a range of new smart technologies which present not only opportunities to improve our carbon footprint but also to improve our competitiveness on a commercial level.”

“Not only will we have a more liveable city, but we’ll also have a more economically prosperous and sustainable city as a result.


Systems like this 10kW REC system we installed will hopefully become more common in the Adelaide CBD.

The Adelaide City Council also offers financial incentives to install electric car charging stations, solar hot water, upgrades which make apartment buildings more energy efficient, and incentives to change halogen lights over to LED’s.

At Greenlife we think it’s terrific that the Adelaide City Council are leading the way in encouraging emerging technologies such as solar and battery storage systems, and it’s a great long-term vision that will benefit the city of Adelaide for years to come.

Full details of the new solar scheme are being published from July 1st, 2015. You can read the official details here.


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