1 October 2013
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Perfection just improved – REC release their 260w module.

Greenlife is proudly supplying REC’s new 260w solar panel.
REC has become our staple brand in the last 6 months, as we believe they find the perfect balance between high quality, and competitive price.

REC solar panels tick virtually every box that you could look for in a top of the range solar panel – fantastic hot weather performance, positive power tolerance (meaning every 260w REC panel must have tested at between 260w and 273w before it was shipped), one of the best solar junction boxes in the world (IP67 rating), excellent warranties (25 years output, 10 years workmanship), not to mention REC have won awards for world-leading panel performance (2011 Photon test) and having the lowest embodied energy .

Coupled with German made SMA Sunnyboy Solar Inverters, we think this makes for one of the best made, best performing, and longest lasting solar systems that money can buy.

Contact us on 1300 365 378, or email info@greenlifesolar.com.au for more information.

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