REC are the ideal solar panels for the hot Adelaide climate.

Outstanding performance on even the hottest days.

Greenlife is proud to install solar panels made by REC – a multi award-winning Norwegian company.
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REC is our most preferred brand of solar panel in the world, due to their exceptional solar panel efficiency, the excellent quality of their panels, and also their
environmental credentials.

Did you know that solar PV panels actually lose efficiency as the weather gets hotter? Believe it or not, some brands of solar panel can actually lose up to 30% of their efficiency when the weather tops 40C.

REC’s solar panels are extremely tolerant to heat – meaning you get a performance boost on hot summer days. This is extremely important when air conditioning, pool pumps, fans and fridges are running all day!

REC Solar Panel REC260PEREC Solar has twice been judged as the highest performing solar panel in the world, in Germany’s “Photon” test – the world’s largest independent test of solar panels.

REC solar panels are made to the highest standards possible, and will give you maximum solar output for the lifetime of your solar system. The panels are rated at 260w each – higher than most brands on the market. This means you will produce more power per square meter, and won’t require as many panels on your roof.

REC has also won awards for making their panels with a tiny carbon footprint, and having an stellar environmental record.

REC Solar Panels At A Glance:

  • Founded and headquartered in Norway.
  • 25 year output warranty, 10 year structural warranty.
  • ‘Positively sorted’ panels (260w REC panels can produce over 270w).
  • REC produce their own panels from scratch – no 3rd party components are used.
  • Exceptional performance in hot weather.
  • Tiny carbon footprint, with an ‘energy payback’ of less than 1 year.
  • REC has twice ranked #1 worldwide in Germany’s “Photon” test.


We love installing REC solar panels in Adelaide.

We’ve taken a few pictures of some Greenlife-installed REC Solar systems in Adelaide and throughout South Australia – you can check out the gallery below to see what these REC Solar systems might look like on your roof!


If you want top quality from a fantastic European company – you can’t go past REC.


View the brochures for ‘REC’ solar panels:


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