8 October 2013
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Sign up before September 30th 2013 to secure your solar feed-in tariff.

You may have been hearing about the cutoff date for the solar feed in tariff – but what does it mean exactly? When your solar system exports excess power to the grid, you currently get paid 25.8c from your power company (of that 25.8c – 16c comes from the state government, and 9.8c comes from the power company themselves)For people looking to install a solar system, you must purchase your system and have an ETSA solar approval before the end of September this year to lock in this buyback rate.If you purchase a system from October 1st onwards – your tariff is reduced to 9.8c – so you’re far better off securing your order prior to the deadline.Greenlife can arrange all ETSA and power retailer paperwork on your behalf as part of the process, which normally only takes a few business days to be approved.Once you have secured your 25.8c tariff, you will be paid this amount for another 3 years until September 2016, after which time the tariff is scheduled to reduce down to 9.8c. A solar system has a very quick payback period with or without feed in tariffs, but naturally if you can secure another 3 years with a higher buyback rate, it’s definitely the best way to go. Contact us on 1300 365 378 for more information, or to arrange a free quote.

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