28 June 2012
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South Australian electricity prices, a sneak peek

Many of you may have received a letter from you energy retailer informing you of new electricity rates as of July 1st 2012 – the same day the Carbon Tax starts.

To summarise, the new rates for electricity range from approximately 30c up to just under 41c, depending on how many units of power you consume during your 3-month billing period.

The average Adelaide home consumes approximately 20kWh of electricity per day.
Under the new power prices, the average cost of energy in Adelaide over the next 12 months will be around 35c per kWh.

Here are some basic figures to work out what power will cost an average house in the next 12 months:

20 kWh per day x 365 days = 7300kWh per year

7300 kWh x 35c = $2,555 per year.
Connection fees = Approx $50 per quarter = $200 per year.

Total: $2755 per year.

A scary figure for many people, and yet not completely unexpected.
As the cost of energy rises, Solar Energy becomes more and more appealing.
A 5.0kW system will produce approximately 20kWh per day, or enough to offset the energy of an ‘average’ home.

Considering how quickly the cost of energy is rising, and the falling price of solar systems, payback times are getting faster and faster.

Contact us to find out more information and how we can secure your energy future.

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