17 June 2016
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SMA’s ‘Sunny Boy Storage’ Makes Your Solar System Compatible With Batteries

Sunny Boy Storage

It’s only a very small box but it solves a very big problem.

German solar inverter powerhouse SMA have this week released their long awaited ‘Sunny Boy Storage’, which is a battery-ready solar inverter designed specifically for high-voltage solar home battery systems. The new inverter is designed to work with such batteries as the Tesla Powerwall and the LG Chem battery system, both of which are set to hit the Aussie solar market in the coming months.

Up until now, adding batteries to an existing solar system was fairly complicated and expensive. You either needed to replace your perfectly good solar inverter with a new ‘hybrid’ inverter, or buy a hybrid inverter to go alongside your existing inverter anyway. This new battery inverter from SMA is extremely minimal (it weighs only 9kg) and costs only around 40% of an equivalent hybrid solar inverter.

The new Sunny Boy Storage can be used to retrofit solar batteries into your existing solar system –  meaning that you can add battery storage without having to replace any of your existing solar system hardware.

The Sunny Boy storage has a charge and discharge rating of 2.5kW (meaning that it can put up to 2500w of power into your battery at any given moment, and pull 2500w out of your battery at any given moment) and is specifically designed for household solar installations.

Later this year we are going to see the emergence of several solar battery storage systems, such as the ‘LG Chem’ system, and a host of others from brands such as Samsung and Enphase.

At Greenlife Solar we strive to be at the forefront of solar battery technology and will gladly answer any questions you may have.

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