3 March 2013
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The cheapest option can actually be the most expensive.

Many of you have probably heard about ‘Unleash Solar’ going into administration last week.
Whilst this is not good for the solar industry as a whole, I think it is a big reminder for people to ensure they only buy good quality solar equipment.
Many people with Unleash systems were sold cheap, faulty Inverters and are now spending thousands to replace them. I have genuine concerns about the lifespan of their solar panels as well, which were generally sourced from small, relatively unknown Chinese manufacturers, at very cheap prices.

I have personally selected the 4 brands used at Greenlife (Trina, Bosch, Tindo & SMA), and I use them because they are the best brands in solar that you can buy – not because they are the cheapest.
All 4 have offices here in Australia – and one of them is a manufacturer that is located in Adelaide (Tindo).

They say “you only get what you pay for” and solar power is no different. Everyone likes a cheap price, but often buying the cheapest option will just cost you more in the long run.

For example, we only use SMA “Sunnyboy” inverters on all of our systems. Why? – because they are the biggest inverter manufacturer in the world, their inverters are designed and made in Germany, and they have proven for over 15 years that they make the most reliable, most efficient, and longest lasting solar inverters in the world. They have also introduced a number of advancements that almost all other inverter makers have then emulated – a sign of a true market leader. They also have an office here in Australia.

At Greenlife we have had virtually no issues with any of the components we have installed, and we intend to keep it that way!

Matthew Devitt
Owner of Greenlife Solar Energy.

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