22 January 2015
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Trina Solar are now the world’s largest solar company.

Trina Solar Panels AdelaideHere at Greenlife, Trina Solar have been one of our most preferred brands of solar panel since day 1, due to their excellent quality, 25+ year lifespan, and most importantly – their exceptional performance on hot days.

All solar panels lose efficiency on hot days – but Trina solar has one of the best hot weather performance ratings on the Australian market – making them ideal for the scorching hot Adelaide summers.

The final figures are still being tallied, but Trina shipped around 3.65 Gigawatts worth of solar panels in 2014 – which is around 14.5 MILLION solar panels – not a bad effort I would say!

Not only are Trina Solar one of the most popular brands on the Australian market – they also have the distinction of their own Australian office, located in Sydney.

This assures long-term commitment to Australia, as well as vastly speeding up any technical or warranty support.

At Greenlife we install Trina’s ‘Honey’ modules, which are rated at 260w each – making them very space efficient on your roof as well.

For more information, cantact us on 1300 365 378, or email info@greenlifesolar.com.au


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