19 June 2014
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What’s your energy company really up to?

With Australia’s 20% Renewable Energy Target currently under threat of being reduced or even abolished, Australia’s 3 largest energy companies are the target of a new crowd-funded campaign produced by Greenpeace.

Regardless of what the large fossil-fuel companies are saying, reducing the RET will be bad for households as well as bad for the planet.
Solar Energy has been embraced by Australian households and businesses – and this is now cutting into the profits of large energy companies – who for decades have never faced any serious competition.

Please share this page as much as you can on social media, to help spread the word and reinforce the message that renewable energy, not fossil fuels, are the future of Australia.

On the Greenpeace website you can even donate money to get the advert aired on commercial television – wouldn’t that ruffle some feathers!

РMatthew Devitt, Greenlife Solar Energy


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