We’re 100% Adelaide owned & operated.

South Australian Ownded

Greenlife Solar has now joined forces with EcoSmart Heating & Cooling to form the ‘EcoSmart Energy Group’. It’s a very exciting time and means that we’re now bigger and better than ever, whilst still being a proud Adelaide-owned company.

ECOSMART_Gray_LOGO_microWe’ve designed and sold numerous solar systems for homes and all around Adelaide – we love for yours to be next.

We really enjoy face to face service, and we’d like to make sure that when you meet with us for a solar quote you’re comfortable and informed about the whole process. We know that solar can be quite confusing at times, but we’d like to assure you that your experience will be smooth, simple and hassle free.

We use only very high quality, well-established brands that have been in the solar industry for a very long time, including European-made solar inverters.

Our solar systems are fully guaranteed for up to 25 years, and are installed by a small team of experienced, Clean Energy Council certified solar installers.

All of our solar system quotes include a free on-site roof measure and system design, to make sure you’re happy with the whole process, and your solar system is as efficient as possible.



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